Dr. Shirin Nooravi in OITN August 4, 2014

Dr. Shirin Nooravi in OITN دکتر شیرین نوروی در تلویریون امید ایران

IQ vs EQ
هوش عاطفی - هوش عقلی

Dr. Shirin Nooravi is known as an ambassador for children and families in many communities. Currently working as a psychologist, she started her career by teaching the Farsi language to thousands of children in the Los Angeles area. Her staff of 10 teachers helped teach Iranian-American students the Farsi language in five locations through the L.A. area. During this time, she also worked in leadership roles as director and vice principal of two private schools.
After 20 years of working with children and families, she started dreaming of how she could help her clients in a more in-depth and effective way. By becoming a psychologist of course! Equipped with her dream, her passion and impenetrable motivation, she decided to go back to school.
The heavy course load, numerous classes and endless exams were no obstacle for Dr. Nooravi as she spent hours learning about her area of greatest passion: How to help others. During this time and currently, she has written a weekly page in Javanan newspaper. She also hosts a program on Iranian Satellite TV (Omid Iran). Her programs relate to the growth and development of children, couples, the elderly and families. She continued her education post-doctorate by becoming trained to conduct educational and psychological tests at the Reiss Davis Child Study Center. She currently sees her patients at her office in Tarzana, California.

Dr. Nooravi believes in a family system therapy technique which means that the whole family should be treated, not just the “problem” person. She follows a solution-focused approach and believes that humans have an amazing capacity for change and growth. Her philosophy on families is that parents can raise happy and healthy children once they learn how to communicate effectively.
Whether you live in Tehran or L.A., if you ever see her on Omid Iran, attend any of her workshops, hear her on the TV or even recognize her voice at the local grocery store, you’ll realize that there is something unique about Dr. Nooravi. Her passion for helping others is larger than life.
She has conducted workshops in the U.S., Germany and the Middle East.
Dr. Nooravi has been married to her husband Farhad for 35 years and they have three children together.

شیرین نوروی ، دکترا درروانشناسی بالینی ، کار خود را با آموزش زبان فارسی به صدها فرزند ایرانی آغاز کرد .
گروه آموزگاران 10 نفری او در 5 منطقه لس آنجلس آموزش زبان فارسی را به دانش آموزان ایرانی – آمریکایی برعهده داشتند و این در حالی بود که همزمان او سمت معاونت و مدیریت دو مدرسه خصوصی را نیز عهده دار بود .
بعد از بیست سال کار با کودکان و خانواده های آنها ، رؤیای کمک به جامعه ایرانی در جهت حل مشکلات خانوادگی ، در ذهن او شکل گرفت .
” تصمیم بزرگ بازگشت به دانشگاه “گذراندن واحدهای سنگین و امتحانات یکی پس از دیگری ، هیچ کدام مانعی بر سر راه عزم و اراده راسخ او برای ساعتها مطالعه نبود .
شوروعشق کار با بچه ها دکتر شیرین نوروی را به تهیه برنامه رادیویی بچه ها در رادیو kirn 670am و برنامه تلویزیونی دریچه ایمان و امید در تلویزیون امید ایران واداشت که در طی آن مهارتهای اجتماعی به فرزندان جامعه ایرانی آموزش داده می شود و همچنین زخمها و دردهای روانی موجود در خانواده ها گشوده شده و از نزدیک به عوامل و مداوای آن پرداخته می شود .